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ENTINA R73 Controller


R73 is the 7th generation 3D printer controller developed by ENTINA3D. It uses a 32bit large capacity mcu, stm32F103vet6, with 512k flash and 64k ram. R73 has 4 endstops, 2 runout sensors, 1 proximity switch, 3 thermistor inputs, and 6 stepper motors, 2 nozzle heating, 1 heated bed, 5 fan output. And support DGUS touch screen, WIFICAM and power management module. Due to the integrated interface, the R73 port is very simple and clear.


  • Microcontroller: STM32F103VET6, Cortex-M3 Core, 512k flash, 64k ram
  • USB Chip: CH340G
  • Stepper Motor Driver: X1, X2, Y use TMC2208, Z, E1, E2 use A4988
  • Stepper Motor Current Regulation: 4-channel PWM
  • Endstop: X1, X2, Y-Max, Z-Max
  • Runout Sensor: RUNOUT1, RUNOUT2
  • Fan: Extruder Fan x4, Case Fan x1
  • Z Probe: Proximity Switch x1
  • Heated bed: 100k thermistor, 24V, Max to 300W
  • LCD: DGUS Touch Screen
  • Storage: TF Card
  • Power Input: 24V/20A

Port Definition

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