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Wiibuilder Online Printing And Monitoring

Wiibuilder V2.0.7.1 and above supports online transmission of GCODE files to SPARK systems, as well as video surveillance.

1. Model Slicing

Open Wiibuilder, load the 3D model file, select the slice parameters and slice.

2. Upload GCODE file

Click the OctoPrint icon on the toolbar to open the OctoPrint connection window.

Enter the address on the SPARK box display in the IP address field and click Connect.

If the network communication is normal, the window will immediately display the video image inside the 3D printer.

Please pay attention to the number of image frames (fps) displayed in the upper left corner of the video. If the fps is less than 5, the wireless network signal is poor, and the file upload speed will be greatly affected. Please improve your WIFI signal or switch to a wired network cable.

The SPARK is connected successfully, and the printer is in standby mode. Click Upload and Print. The GCODE file will be sent to the SPARK system and printing will start automatically.

If the window prompts Printer is not operational, open the SPARK main interface and check if the 3D printer is online.

Keep the OctoPrint connection window open and the window will display the status of the print in real time.
If you need to cancel printing, click the Cancel Print button.

If you need to check the progress of the print, the remaining time, or pause the print, click Open in the browser to open the main interface of the SPARK system.
See the operation of the SPARK system.,Spark System operation interface

4. Video settings

The OctoPrint connection window opens the video parameter settings window. Here you can manually set the camera's brightness, contrast, white balance, exposure and other values.

For example, when the screen shows an overexposed situation as shown in the figure below, set Exposure, Auto to Manual Mode, and adjust Exposure (Absolute) to between 60 and 80.

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