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Spark system video surveillance

Open the Spark page

Open the OctoPrint connection window in Wiibuilder and click Open in browser to open the main SPARK interface.
Or open your browser and enter in the address bar is the IP address shown on the SPARK display.

Remote manual control

Enter the Control panel, first click the small house icon under X / Y and Z to home the XYZ axis, then you can click each arrow to manually control the nozzle movement.
The row of numbers below the arrow is the jog distance.

Remote start printing

Find the file to be printed in the file management bar, and click the print icon on the far right to start the print task immediately.

Switch monitoring screen

Click the two small icons in the upper right corner of the print status panel to switch to full window display mode and full-screen display mode, respectively

Full window display mode, the monitor screen fills the browser window.

Full-screen display mode. The monitoring screen fills the entire screen. Press the ESC key on the keyboard to exit the full-screen mode.

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