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Spark system operation interface

The following figure shows the operation interface of the Spark system:

  • Above the interface is the toolbar.
  • From the top to the bottom of the interface are the device connection bar, the print status bar, and the file management bar.
  • The right side of the interface is the operation panel. You can switch by clicking the tab above the panel. They are the print status panel, temperature control panel, manual control panel, Gcode path preview panel, communication terminal panel, and automatic recording panel.

The following will be introduced one by one.


  • The middle part of the toolbar displays the progress and layer information of the current print job, valid only during the printing process.
  • Click the wrench icon on the right side of the toolbar to open the system settings interface.,Spark System parameter setting
  • Click the power icon on the right side of the toolbar to open the system operation menu:
    • Shutdown system: Shut down the Spark system. Unplug the power after the system is shut down.
    • Reboot system: Restart the Spark system
    • Restart OctoPrint: Restart the OctoPrint software system
    • Restart OctoPrint in safe mode: restart the OctoPrint software system and enter safe mode. Safe mode does not load third-party plug-ins. When the third-party plug-in fails, causing OctoPrint to fail to start properly, you can enter a safe mode for troubleshooting. For details, see,: How to start OctoPrint in safe mode

Device connection bar

The device connection bar is used to set the port and communication speed used by Spark to connect to the printer, as well as the model number of the connected printer.

  • Serial Port: Communication port, default is /dev/ttyUSB0
  • Baudrate: Communication rate, ENTINA printer defaults to 57600
  • Printer Profile: Printer model

The print status bar displays detailed information about the current print job, such as file name, print progress, print time, etc.。

File management bar

The file management bar displays a list of printable files, as well as functions such as uploading and deleting.
For details, see,Spark System file management

The print status panel displays the online status of the 3D printer, information about the current print job, and real-time status data of the printer.

Print the operation buttons of the status panel:

Print: Start printing
Pause: Print pause
Resume: Continue printing
Cancel: Cancel printing

Temperature control panel

The temperature control panel displays the temperature profile of the nozzle and the heating platform, and can manually set the temperature of the nozzle and the heating platform.

Manual control panel

The manual control panel is used to control the homing of the printer and the jog control of each motion axis of the printer.

GCode Path preview panel

The GCode path preview panel is used to preview the path information in GCode.
During the printing process, the path information of the current print layer can be displayed in real time.

Please note: Due to memory limitations, Spark can preview GCode files no larger than 20M

Communication terminal panel

The communication terminal panel displays real-time communication data between the Spark system and the printer, and can also manually send GCode commands to the printer.

Automatic recording panel

The Auto Recording Panel sets the parameters for automatic recording and downloads the recorded video files.
Please participate in the specific operation,Spark System print recording management

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