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Spark system file management

The Spark file management interface is shown below


The toolbar has 3 buttons, as shown below

1. SD Card Operations: SD card file menu, click the pop-up menu as shown below

Refresh SD files: Refresh SD card file list\\
Release SD card: Eject SD card\\

2. Refresh file list: Refresh the list of local files (in the Spark system)

3. File list settings: After clicking, the following menu will be displayed.

Apply filters to search results: Apply filter selection to search results. When Show only SD card files or Show local files is selected,

   Select this option, as long as the SD card files or local files matching the keywords are displayed in the search results

Sort by name (ascending): Sort files by file name in ascending order
Sort by upload date (descending): Sort files in descending order of upload time
Sort by file size (descending): Sort files by file size in descending order
Folders->Sort by Folders, Files: Folders are listed in front of the list
Folders->Sort by Files, Folders: Folders are listed after the list
Folders->Mixed: Mixed arrangement of folders and files
Only show files stored locally: Show only local files (in Spark)
Only show files stored on SD: Show only SD card files
Hide successfully printed files: Hide printed files

File action bar

Button 1: Display file details, click to display file parameter information generated by the slicing engine

Button 2: download file to computer
Button 3: delete file
Button 4: Read file, preview print path in GCode Viewer
Button 5: Print file

Upload bar

Create folder: Create a new folder in the Spark file system
Upload: Upload files to the Spark file system
Upload to SD: Upload files to the SD card. Because Spark transfers data to the printer through the serial port at a low rate, this feature is not recommended.

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