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Common faults and troubleshooting of Spark

1. The plugin manager does not display plugins

During the previous use, the Spark system was not shut down normally. Please use the Restart Octoprint in the menu at the upper right corner of the main interface to restart the Octoprint system.

2. The video picture is not smooth

Video real-time monitoring has high requirements for network speed. If the WIFI signal is not good, it will greatly affect the real-time performance of the video screen.
The solution is to adjust the placement of the Spark box, improve the WIFI signal, or use a wired network connection.

3. The serial port is lost during printing, and the printing is interrupted

The data cable connecting the Spark system to the printer was disrupted, resulting in communication interruption.
The solution is to use a data cable that is no longer than 1 meter and has a magnetic filter loop.

4.Uploading to SD card is too slow

Because Spark transfers data to the printer via the serial port at a low rate, it is not recommended to use the upload to SD card function.

5.The Spark monitoring interface of Wiibuilder does not automatically find the IP address of the Spark system.

Only when the Spark system and the computer where Wiibuilder is installed are in the same gateway, Wiibuilder can automatically search for the Spark system.
When Wiibuilder connects to the Spark system across gateways, please manually enter the IP address in the address bar of the Spark monitoring interface.

6.Video cannot be displayed on the monitoring interface

The Spark system cannot recognize the camera module.
Please check whether the USB interface after Spark is firmly connected and restart the system.

7.The monitoring screen is too bright or too dark

Please use the video settings in the Spark monitoring interface of Wiibuilder, or open the following URL in your browser to manually set the exposure data of the camera.

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