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1.Download STL File

Go through thingiverse for free STL file download.

Search the file you are like and download it.

2.Load file into Wiibuilder

3.Split file into different parts and select print nozzle

Click right side 'edit' icon

Select the model, and click 'Split'

Select the left or right nozzle for each individual module to print.

Select 'enable Oozeshield'

4.Slice the model

Slice the file and save the sliced file to TF card, and print the model.
You can not print with depublication or mirror mode with the dual model.

5.Merge two parts together

If you load two models into the software you can merge these two files into one model.

Use the left mouse button to select two models at the same time, click the right mouse button, and select Merge Muti-Mode

Follow the steps above to select the model sprinkler and set the parameters.

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