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How to Connect TINA2 To Octoprint

OctoPrint running in SparkOne is configured with printer parameters and communication parameters at the factory, and can be used directly without any changes.

If OcotPrint's run settings file config.yaml is missing, or if you want to connect ENTINA TINA2 from your own installed OctoPrint, follow these steps to configure:

Add TINA2 model configuration

1. Go to the OctoPrint settings screen and click Add Profile in the PRINTER→Printer Profiles menu.

2. Enter in the General window,Name:TINA2,Model:ENTINA TINA2。

3. In the Print bed & build volume window, change the lengths of the X, Y, and Z axes to 100mm and deselect the Heated bed.

4. In the Axes window, change the speed of the X and Y axes to 3000 and select the Invert control of the Y axis. Click Save to save and exit。

Set the GCODE script

Enter the OctoPrint settings interface,OCTOPRINT->GCODE Scripts,Make the following settings\\
Enter W1 in Before print job starts
Enter W2 in After print job completes
Enter W3 in After print job is cancelled
Enter W4 in After print job is paused
Enter W5 in Before print job is resumed
Enter W6 in After connection to printer is established
Enter W7 in Before connection to printer is closed

When you are done, click Save to save.

Add plugin

Enter the OctoPrint settings interface,OCTOPRINT→Plugin Manager,Click the Get More… button,Enter DisplayLayer and PortLister in the Search… column.,Install the following two plugins, restart the OctoPrint system after the installation is complete.

DisplayLayerProgress Plugin Plugin setting

Enter the OctoPrint settings interface,PLUGINS→DisplayLayerProgress Plugin→Display menu,In the Visibility option, select the following items

In the Message output option, check Printer Display and change its settings to


When you are done, click Save to save.

Open communication with TINA2

1. Connect TINA2 and SparkOne with a USB cable, turn on the TINA2 power supply, click the refresh button on the right side of the main interface Connection, select /dev/ttyUSB0 in the Serial Port drop-down menu, and select 57600 in the Baudrate drop-down menu.

2. Select TINA2 in the Printer Profile drop-down menu and check the Save connection settings and Auto-connect on server startup.

3. Click the Connect button and switch to the Terminal window to view the serial port communication. If the connection is normal, the printer will automatically restart once and output the printer's parameter information in the Terminal window.

Next, you can use Octoprint to control TINA2.LOL

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