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Download Stl File & Print Out File

1.Download STL File

Go through thingiverse for free STL file download.

Search the file you are like and download it.

2.Load file into Wiibuilder

3.Set slicing parameters

Click Edit, click Material to select the right nozzle, and select a benefit color to simulate the color effect of the model.

Select the slice settings. Sets the Profile, to select the material type.

For example Profile: High Quality; Material: PLA; Layer Height:0.15mm; Printing Speed:55; infill:10% ;Temp:200

Slice it and save to TF card, you can see the printing time and filament used for this model

4. Insert TF card to Machine and select the Gcode file printing

You can preview information of the printing file before printing.

Select Dual Mode

Choose Duplication or Mirrored, You can print two models at once, make sure the both of the nozzles have loaded with filament.

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