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ENTINA TINA2 Firmware Update

V1.07 (2022.11.15)

Update content:

Tina2 V5 3D Printer Firmware Download

Burning Software Download

V2.16 (2022.2.2)

Update content:

1. Added alternate display of print time and remaining print time during printing.

2.Solve TF card compatibility issues.

3.Solve the problem of incomplete gocde file information in the print information preview interface.

4.Resolved an issue where printing pause still displayed on the screen after resuming printing.

V2.11 (2019.11.10)

Update content:

1. A host communication mode setting menu is added to the control interface.

The corresponding communication rate of Wiibuilder is 1000000bps and the corresponding communication rate of SparkOne is 57600bps.

The firmware's default communication rate is 1000000bps. If you want to connect to SparkOne, you need to enter the host communication mode setting menu and select SparkOne.

2. Full support for Spark network control boxes.

When connecting and disconnecting Spark, a prompt message is displayed on the screen.

When Spark prints online, press the control key to display the online print menu, you can control to pause or cancel printing.

During printing, the progress and elapsed time are displayed on the screen.

After the Spark interface cancels printing, the printer automatically restarts and resets.

Note: The original Octoprint system or the older version of SparkOne system need to be set according to the following tutorials to achieve all the above functions

V2.9 (2019.09.22)

update content:
1. Compatible with the SparkOne network control box, the communication baud rate is 1000000bps.

How to Connect TINA2 To Octoprint

2. When the printer is in the process of automatically feeding or unwinding, click the button to stop the operation immediately

3. Reduce the extrusion speed when the printer automatically feeds yarn

V2.8 (2019.09.05)

update content:

1. Add WIFI network setting function through TF card file

2. The file list is changed to paging mode, which solves the problem of slow refresh of the file list

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