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During the use of 3D printers, you may need us to provide some maintenance and maintenance to ensure that the printer maintains high performance and stable operation. We have done a more detailed video tutorial and hope to help you!

1.SD card prints abnormally

If the gcode files that comes with the SD card can be printed normally, but the newly imported gcode model in the SD card prints abnormally, how to deal with it?

Answer:It may be that the SD card is not compatible with your computer system.

1.Please copy the manual and other files from the SD card to your computer.

2.Then format the SD card according to the following format, File system: FAT32, Allocation unit size: 32 KB. Then the SD card can be used normally.

2.How to get the claw to catch the belt?

3.How to install bearings

4.X40 V3 Troubleshooting table

5.Test file download
Download Here:Temperature Test_PLA_180-225

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