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ENTINA TINA2 3D Printer Daily Maintenance

3D printers require regular maintenance and some daily maintenance to keep the printer running at high performance and stability.

1.Cleaning Nozzle

Clean the print head, generally, use a cloth to remove impurities around the nozzle.

2.Printing nozzle blocking method

Pull out one end of the guiding tube connecting nozzle (press the black part of the airbag to pull out the material tube), heat the nozzle to 200 degrees, and use the 1.5mmL type wrench in the accessory box to enter the nozzle until Blocking filament melt extrusion

3.Replace the print magnetic sticker

Check whether the surface of the magnetic sticker on the printing platform is worn or uneven. If the sticker is worn or damaged, it must be replaced to ensure that the model can be firmly attached to the printing platform.

Maintenance method: Place the new magnetic sticker horizontally on the platform. If the platform is not sticky enough, apply high-temperature solid glue or 3M mask paper on the printing area of ​​the platform.

4.Optical axis and screw maintenance

Maintenance method: Take the lubricating grease, evenly apply it on the screw or optical axis, and then start the device so that the axes move all the way several times so that the lubricating grease is evenly distributed on the surface of each shaft.

5.Cleaning the nozzle and motor gear

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